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Well-connected in the industry and in Europe

One of the focal points of the GERMAN DATACENTER ASSOCIATION e.V. is to cooperate with existing organizations and associations - a common approach, of course, simplifies the achievement of goals. Furthermore, it is our special concern to formulate and coordinate German interests in Europe and to reach joint solutions with European partners - we present and establish Germany as an interesting and attractive location.

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France Datacenter unites all the players in the data center ecosystem in France. The association promotes and establishes the data center sector as a pillar of the digital economy. Disseminating best practices among professionals and setting new standards is part of France Datacenter's objective, as is promoting the perception of the sector as the backbone of social life and the economy.

The Danish Data Center Industry (DDI) is a not-for-profit organization representing the data center ecosystem in Denmark. The industry association represents the interests of both the private and public sectors, including operators, vendors, municipalities, educational institutions and utility companies. In doing so, the DDI actively works to strengthen collaboration between private and public organizations, as flexible and smooth collaboration between the public and private sectors is a key competitive advantage in Denmark compared to many other countries. In addition, the DDI supports the development of new business relationships on a national and international level.

The Sustainable Digital Infrastructure Alliance e.V. (SDIA) offers with its roadmap for a sustainable digital infrastructure a holistic, system-thinking approach to solving the challenges facing the ICT sector. The alliance's goal is a cross-industry collaboration among the digital economy to achieve a sustainable architecture of the digital sector by 2030. In joint working groups, initiatives and research projects, we are focusing with SDIA on making the German data center market more transparent and sustainable - "sustainable" in the sense of a balance between ecological, economic and social aspects.

We are pleased to be part of the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact and to actively support the European Green Deal. It is our conviction that data centers, as cornerstones of digitalization, must make their contribution to mastering the challenges of the energy transition: with energy- and resource-efficient design and elaborated concepts for heat recovery. The joint initiative of the European Data Centre Association (EUDCA) and Cloud Infrastructure Services Providers in Europe (CISPE) aims to support the european data strategy so that EU data centers are operating climate-neutral by 2030. Currently, the working groups of the initiative are developing a strategy that will enable the achievement of these ambitious goals for energy-efficient and sustainable data center operation.

The Dutch Data Center Association (DDA) unites leading data centers in the Netherlands in a common mission: the strengthening of economic growth and the profiling of the data center sector to government, media and society. The DDA closely collaborates with Digital Gateway to Europe, which promotes the Netherlands as international data hub.

Targa Communications is a communications consultancy specializing in investment, asset management and financing, with offices in Frankfurt, Berlin, London and Tel Aviv. Since 2006, Targa Communications has been supporting its German and international clients in positioning their topics in the public domain with holistic communication strategies tailored to their target groups across all channels (online, onsite, offline). The communications consultancy supports the German Datacenter Association to highlight the enormous importance of the datacenter sector for the digital economy and to create an understanding of the sector and its special features among broad sections of society. To this end, Targa Communications uses its close contacts with members of the press and also positions GDA experts as speakers at events.

We are currently in cooperation talks with associations and organisations in Finland, Norway, Ireland and Switzerland.