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Old acquaintances meet, interesting discussions arise and new business partners are found.

At the end of November 2018, the GERMAN DATACENTER ASSOCIATION launched a fantastic start to the GDA Net[t]work Lunches in Frankfurt - in line with the Swiss model with interesting discussions and lively discussions in a casual, open cooperation. Frits van der Graaf, President and founder of the Swiss Carriers Lunch Association, is pleased that his idea is receiving so much attention in Germany as well.

Networking far away from your desk - pleasant, uncomplicated getting to know each other

True to the motto "Business is created by people", the GDA launches the GDA Net[t]work Lunches. It starts with a general hello at 11:00 with soft drink, followed by a short report by Harry Schnabel, Chairman of the GDA, on current topics and achievements. Together they take the lunch. There are only round tables without seating arrangement, everyone picks his table neighbor and it is talked about everything.

Corona-related break for the GDA Net[t]work Lunches

The current restrictions on public life in Germany have led us to cancel the already planned GDA Net[t]work lunches and to suspend the series until further notice.

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