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Foundation of the German Datacenter Association announced for the Spring of 2018

Data centre operators in Germany will soon have a common voice: initiator Harry Schnabel is confident that the German Datacenter Association (GDA) can still be founded in the first quarter of 2018. In future, the GDA will be able to better represent data centre operators and their specific concerns and interests in politics, society and the media and also sustainably improve the operating conditions for data centres in Germany.

At the launch in August 2017, his plan received broad acceptance amongst the around 40 invited data centre operators from various industries. Discussions with existing organisations and associations as well as fellow European campaigners, the Dutch Data Center Association and the European Data Centre Association, further strengthened the initiator’s resolve – the Netherlands and Belgium are already looking forward to the international cooperation.

German Datacenter Association: key facts defined

“A great deal of formal as well as personnel preparations naturally still need to take place”, explains Harry Schnabel, but what is certain is that the German Datacenter Association will be founded as a registered association domiciled in Frankfurt. The conditions of membership have also already been defined: ordinary membership costs EUR 2,500 per year, EUR 240 per year for universities and research institutes, while the costs for a partnership amount to EUR 5,000 per year, or EUR 15,000 per year for a premium partnership.

Interested data centre operators receive contracts in advance

While Harry Schnabel’s team ensures that the organisation is on track, industry representatives are already being asked to declare their interest in a partnership or membership via email and request the contracts in advance. Its express aims include active cooperation in interest groups and involvement in shaping the German data centre market. Interested parties are also invited to send an email to the organisation team.


The German Datacenter Association is an association of operators and owners of data centres of all sizes and is supported by leading research institutes and media partners.

The association intends to offer data centre operators in Germany a platform to work together to promote the growth of the sector and raise awareness of the industry in business, society and politics. The GDA will also represent members with regard to laws, regulations and standards, other provisions and political issues in the relevant committees. The long-term aim is to sustainably improve the conditions for data centre operators in Germany.

Initiator Harry Schnabel is a pioneer in the industry: the qualified engineer has specialised in designing and establishing certified data centres for 45 years. The GERMAN DATACENTER ASSOCIATION is being founded as a registered association and will be domiciled in Frankfurt am Main.

Contact Person
Graduate Engineer Harry Schnabel
schnabelgermandatacentersde · Telephone + 49 172 7021 147


Press information: "Foundation of the German Datacenter Association announced for the Spring of 2018"

Harry Schnabel als Vertreter der GERMAN DATACENTER ASSOCIATION auf der Kickstart Europe Conference in Amsterdam