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GDA welcomes new member Business Development Agency North Frisia

Sustainability in digitisation is indispensable - according to the latest plans of the EU, data centres should be climate-neutral by 2030. GDA's new member, Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Nordfriesland (Business Development Agency North Frisia), explicitly supports the settlement of data centres in the far north in order to make better use of the wind energy produced there.

High up in Germany's north, North Frisia has not only a lot to offer in terms of tourism: As the cradle of wind energy in Germany, the district produces three times more energy from regenerative sources than it consumes itself - a large proportion of the plants are frequently regulated. The settlement of data centers would make better use of the sustainably produced energy.

Logistically, North Frisia is conveniently located for data centers: Germany's northernmost submarine cable hub is located at Sylt. Fiber optic lines from various providers run along the west coast of Schleswig-Holstein from Esbjerg in Denmark via Hamburg to Frankfurt.

Since 2001, the interdisciplinary team of the Business Development Agency North Frisia has been dealing with all issues relating to settlement, industrial estates, subsidy and business start-up advice and actively assists in establishing contacts with politics and administration, as well as with clubs, associations and chambers of trade. 

GDA begrüßt neues Mitglied: Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Nordfriesland