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Review on a successful start, clear goals for the future

"After the overall rapid establishment of the GDA and the necessary work for consolidation, we quickly turned to issues and activities in terms of content," chairman Harry Schnabel took a generally positive assessment of the association's first year of work at General Assembly.

Schnabel continued: "With our Net[t]work lunches, which are based on the motto "Business is created by people", we were able to address a large number of interested parties from the industry. Internationally, we already presented the new association at the meeting of the European associations and were able to agree on a close cooperation with the Dutch association. In addition, a cooperation agreement was concluded with the Chinese province of Guizhou in September 2019 and we made a study trip to Norway."

Clear goals for the future

"These activities are to be strengthened and expanded in 2020," announced Schnabel. "In addition to a number of other network lunches in all parts of the republic, there should also be subject-related events that address not only the industry, but also political decision-makers and the general public. In a series of talks at all political levels, we want to transparently present the concerns of the data centers and offer ourselves here as a contact and cooperation partner. "

The General Assembly unanimously supported the working concept developed by the board.