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As a focused, independent company, Kyndryl is building on its foundation of excellence by creating systems in new ways. Bringing in the right partners, investing in our business, and working side-by-side with its customers to unlock potential.
Our world has never been more alive with opportunities. Together, we can seize them.


Kyndryl was spun-off of IBM IT infrastructure services in 2021. Our global base of customers includes 75 of the Fortune 100 companies. With approx. 90,000 skilled professionals operating from over 100 countries, we are committed to the success of our customers, collaborating with them and helping them to realize their ambitions.

In today's world, when energy and heating costs are exploding, the use of waste heat from a data center should not only be seen as an option and instead it must be thought of end-to-end. The use of waste heat should not end at the property boundary with a transfer station. Our goal is to bring those involved together, coordinate them and jointly develop new sustainable concepts that are viewed holistically.

Stefan Kuß | Technical Leadership Data Center Services


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Stefan Kuß
Technical Leadership Data Center Services




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