ZAR Real Estate Holding

ZAR Real Estate Holding is a fully integrated developer of real estate projects and properties with operations throughout Germany.

Our focus is on acquiring attractive sites in major German cities at an early stage, enabling us to maximise their added value potential through active pursuit of planning permission and subsequent project implementation. We aspire to develop modern, sustainable neighbourhoods and create attractive living and working environments, primarily in the residential and commercial asset classes. The focal point of our investments is on selected suburban locations in large, booming cities like Munich, Berlin, Düsseldorf and Frankfurt am Main.

It is our rapid decision making in acquisition that ensures our outstanding agility. At the same time, our excellent and long-standing network of partners attests to the exceptional quality and reliability of ZAR Real Estate Holding.

The social, socio-economic and technical upheavals of the last few years have shown how important digital networking is for our society. The inadequacies of the domestic, digital network were the reason for a fundamental, focused promotion of the republic-wide network expansion by the current federal government. This impulse and the zeitgeist of the sustainable, sensible use of energy and resources has prompted ZAR Real Estate Holding to focus on the development of the conception, planning and construction of Green Data Centers in order to actively accompany the development.

Gerrit Molineus | Head of Development


Planner / Consultant / Architect

Entwickler für Immobilienprojekte und -bestände


Gerrit Molineus
Head of Development




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