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What impact will the pandemic of the century have on the digital economy and data centers in Germany?

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of digitalization as if through a burning glass. Teleworking and home offices, distance learning and digital conferences, but also the collation, evaluation and analysis of data in connection with COVID 19 make a significant contribution to the success of the national economy.

Data centers are among the critical infrastructures whose failure can have drastic consequences.

As part of the Net[t]work Talk, we want to shed light on various facets of this picture and discuss them with you. Three impulse talks from different perspectives will introduce the discussion.



Prof. Dr. Peter Radgen
Institute for Energy Economics and Rational Use of Energy, University of Stuttgart

Impulse talk

How the pandemic affects the data center industry

Dirk Turek
Institute for Energy Economics and Rational Use of Energy, University of Stuttgart

A survey was conducted to investigate the effects of the Corona pandemic on data center operators. How did data center operations respond to the pandemic? Were the operators prepared? And what impact will the new situation have on investments and strategic decisions?

During the lecture, the most important findings of the study will be presented.

Impulse talk

Supporting COVID-19 research through the CODEX platform in the University Medicine Network

Prof. Dr. Ulli Prokosch
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

CODEX is a nationwide uniform, privacy-compliant infrastructure for the storage and provision of Covid-19 research datasets. In addition to a central database, decentralized data collection tools and research data repositories localized at the sites of German university medicine, as well as use & access procedures and an escrow office have been established. The development of the platform builds on the preliminary work of the data integration centers in the German Medical Informatics Initiative. Based on the decentralized data repositories, initial research questions were investigated.

Impulse talk

Dealing with COVID-19 in Germany and Asia

Jens Peter Müller
Keppel Data Centres

As an Asian provider of data center services, Keppel Data Centres has much longer experience with pandemics than European operators (including SARS and avian flu) - this determined the preparation strategy and the handling of CoVid at the European sites as well. However, many specifications had to be adapted to the national jurisdictions and the different mentalities.


11 June 2021
11 am to 1 pm

GDA Net[t]work Talk # 2 / 2021 – With kind support of

NDC-GARBE Data Centers Europe GmbH

NDC-GARBE Data Centers Europe GmbH, a German data center developer with offices in Hamburg and Munich, was established in 2019 as a joint venture between NDC Data Centers GmbH and GARBE Industrial Real Estate GmbH. NDC-GARBE gathers decades of experience in the European real estate markets and a profound knowledge of the data center industry to sustainably increase the level of digitization in Europe.