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On this page you will find some events where you can get to know the GDA personally.

GDA Net[t]work Talks

Five events in 2021 promise a qualified exchange of a top-class audience on explosive topics that are currently moving the data center industry.

The GDA Net[t]work Talks are an excellent opportunity for companies to reach a new audience in a relevant environment and raise awareness of their brand among an interested target group.

GDA Net[t]work Talks 2021

Investing in Germany: Data Centres – August 25, 2021


Data centers are increasingly becoming the focus of real estate investors as an asset class. At the same time, investors are looking for more in-depth knowledge of the special features of this young asset class (see Data Center Outlook 2021). The online roundtable "Data Centres" organized by TARGA COMMUNICATIONS & REFIRE EVENTS in August is dedicated to this very topic - the GERMAN DATACENTER ASSOCIATION will also be represented.

Investing in Germany: Data Centres

Real Estate Investment Day - 7 September 2021, Frankfurt

Real Estate Markets, Trends, Investment Opportunities

The Real Estate Investment Day (REID) is a one-day conference at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, bringing investment officers, innovative fund managers, and consultants together. The conference focuses on real estate investments, including public and private debt as well as public and private equity. REID 2021 offers a forum for current investor-relevant trend topics such as sustainable investments (ESG), digitisation (new asset class datacenter) and recruiting.

At REID, international investors will gain important insights into the German investment market while German investors will be informed about attractive investment opportunities abroad, especially in Europe.

Real Estate Investment Day 2021

GDA Net[t]work Lunch

Business is created by people

At the end of November 2018, the GERMAN DATACENTER ASSOCIATION launched a fantastic start to the GDA Net[t]work Lunches in Frankfurt - in line with the Swiss model with interesting discussions and lively discussions in a casual, open cooperation.

Old acquaintances meet, interesting discussions arise and new business partners are found.

Since then, on the last Friday of the month about 30 people are meeting for the GDA Ne[t]twork Lunch and are spending an enriching, extended lunch break in a pleasant atmosphere

Corona-related break for the GDA Net[t]work Lunches

The current restrictions on public life in Germany have led us to cancel the already planned GDA Net[t]work lunches and to suspend the series until further notice.

Events in the past

GDA Net[t]work Lunch

True to the motto "Business is created by people", the GDA invites to the Net[t]working on the last Friday of the month in the shared, extended lunch break.

Past GDA Net[t]work Lunches

Photos of Lunches in the past

GDA-Kickstart, November 2018, Stuttgart

Cloud computing, the use of waste heat, GDPR requirements for DC operators, expansion of the fibre-optic network in DE and IT requirements for 5G were covered in 30-minute presentations at the GDA Kickstart event at the University of Stuttgart.

Thanks to all who supported us at the Kickstart!

Here is an impression of the GDA Kickstart:

Agenda and speakers
including lectures as PDF

Photos of the GDA-Kickstart

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