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VIRTUS is an award-winning pure-play data centre owner-operator providing state-of-the-art colocation in Europe. VIRTUS' vision is to lead the data centre industry in Europe by being different by design. VIRTUS is proud to have over 10 year experience in supporting customers in powering the digital economy with a strong focus on sustainable data centres. As part of the ST Telemedia Global Data Centres and with its new investor Macquarie Asset Management, VIRTUS is committed to expand into continental Europe, with Germany as a key focus.

My intent is to collaborate with VIRTUS' experience and values in data centre development and sustainability and help shape the development of the industry across our customers, politics and the wider public audience in Germany. In the past decade I worked for Amazon/AWS expanding their regions across Europe. Together with Mike Golding, SVP Construction, who joined us from a similar role at Microsoft, we run the EMEA expansion team at VIRTUS.

Thus, we as VIRTUS bring a unique set of skills and knowledge from the data centre infrastructure side, as well as the hyperscale mindset. Of course, VIRTUS seeks to create value for its shareholders, but what is different about VIRTUS is that we do not seek to maximise profit at expense of the planet. We are excited to join the GDA and contribute with our expertise and sustainable footprint.

Christina Mertens | Vice President of Business Development, EMEA


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Christina Mertens
Vice President of Business Development, EMEA





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