As an data centre operator in Germany, it is our constant endeavour within firstcolo to offer our customers the highest level of service quality while meeting the demanding requirements of operational security and data protection.

IT resource outsourcing is a significant step for any company that needs to be carefully thought through. That is why we offer our clients support from the very beginning of the conceptual design process to ensure that all wishes and requirements can be implemented. As a result of our many years of experience in the industry, we have already been involved in numerous projects and therefore guarantee first-class specialist partners as well as a highly available infrastructure.

True to our corporate philosophy, we strive to provide our clients with the best possible support. This starts with the initial consultation: a profound analysis and well-founded recommendations can save costs and avoid future problems. We pursue a long-term approach and strive for sustainable growth. This corporate policy has proven to be extremely successful: Our annual growth rates are in double figures with it being extremely rare for a client to leave us.

In addition to classic colocation and server system rental, our range of services also includes storage and backup solutions as well as cloud services. Thanks to our decades of experience in the field of managed services, we are able to professionally handle any project, regardless of how customised it may be.

My desire to be involved with the Global Datacenter Association stems from my belief in the centrality of data centres when it comes to digital transformation. As an IT professional, I am passionate about the opportunity to work with leading industry professionals to further drive the growth and sustainability of data centres. My goal is to develop innovative solutions and to promote the best practices to help shape the future of data centres.

Jerome Evans | CEO


Operator / Owner


Natalie Thümmler
Senior Marketing Manager





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