Contagi is an owner-managed consultancy with offices in Switzerland, Germany and China. As your entrepreneurial trusted advisor for digital infrastructures, we help you from the project-related question to the holistic investment: 
We advise users and providers of digital infrastructures. We search for, find and arrange the right object for your requirements as well as the best experts for your tasks. And we support the emergence and development of new digital business models. Our claim: 
The right people - the right solutions. 

Digital infrastructures are the backbone of our modern society. GDA ensures that this backbone is perceived more strongly in society and politics and that dialog takes place to safeguard the interests of all sides, as well as further development of the industry itself.
With our personal commitment and experience, we want to contribute to further anchoring the importance and possibilities of digital infrastructures in the common good.

Frank Zachmann | Managing Partner


Planner / Consultant / Architect

Holistic management consultancy for digital infrastructures


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