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Established in 1920, Kelvion is a global manufacturer of industrial heat exchangers for a highly diversified range of market segments. In recent decades the multidimensional product offering expended to serve datacenter industry, building further expertise, long-term client relationships, as well as extensive R&D at the company's facilities, worldwide.

Kelvion's cooling solutions have evolved with the growing datacenter industry and the increasing need for sustainable and reliable solutions to meet the demand for more efficient power and water consumption. The company offers a wide range of energy efficient cooling and heat rejections methods specifically designed to solve today’s most demanding heat transfer challenges, including immersion cooling, free cooling and heat recovery. Working with its clients, to select the right cooling solutions the company can help its customers to reduce redundancy costs, and boost both power usage and water usage effectiveness, reducing OPEX in standard or bespoke applications.

Datacenters play a fundamental role in our society and digital economy. Energy efficient cooling systems are essential for maintaining the optimum environment to keep datacenter infrastructure running effectively. Kelvion can provide innovative, high-quality systems including heat recovery, immersion cooling, CRAH/CRAC and free cooling; reducing overall power consumption, while supporting reliable and sustainable operations.

Benjamin Hilbrecht | Head of Vertical Market, Datacenters DACH


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Benjamin Hilbrecht
Head of Vertical Market Data Centres DACH


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