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Datwyler IT Infra is an international company with headquarters in Switzerland and affiliates in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Datwyler enables organisations around the world to run their IT infrastructures seamlessly and scale their business with ease. The well-established company operates on the market as a provider of innovative system solutions, products and services for data centres, fibre networks and intelligent buildings, as well as acting as a subcontractor or general contractor covering the entire value-added chain.

Organisations are only ideally placed for future technical developments if they have appropriate sustainable IT infrastructures. If the IT infrastructure is unsuitable, digitisation does not succeed either. As equal partners we assess, develop and implement the IT infrastructure of our customers on their road to successful digitisation; we increase their value creation, reduce overall costs and the complexity of their IT infrastructure – all over the world. We would like to pass this know-how on to the GDA.

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