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Planen & Bauen is an established architecture and engineering bureau with national and international clients. With offices in Bensheim, Frankfurt am Main, Hamburg and Düsseldorf, Planen & Bauen realises major projects such as data centres. Planen & Bauen is part of SPIE - the independent European market leader for multi-technical services in the fields of energy and communication. With more than 45,500 employees, SPIE is committed to the energy transition and digitalisation. 

The German Datacenter Association provides a unique opportunity to build a network of interested parties and partners beyond one's own enterprise and to generate and maintain cross-divisional expertise. The common ground is to plan, build and operate effective and successful data centres and to strengthen Germany as a digital location.

Volker Reiling | Technical Managing Director Planen & Bauen GmbH


Planner / Consultant / Architect


Volker Reiling
Technical Managing Director Planen & Bauen GmbH


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