Crestchic Loadbanks GmbH

Crestchic is a specialty manufacturer of load banks used to test power supplies in the most demanding climates and environments on seven continents.

No other company specializes in supplying load banks worldwide like Crestchic, manufacturing load banks of any size, voltage and frequency.
With nearly 30 years of company history, the company has the experience in developing custom test solutions, for commissioning and recurring testing in data centers.

The data center sector in Germany is constantly growing at a high level.

The availability of data at any time is and will remain of vital interest for Germany and Europe as a business location. The unavailability of data, for example due to a blackout, would not only lead to image but also to financial losses for companies.

It is therefore essential to check data centers before commissioning and at regular intervals and to optimize processes so that they are efficient, reliable, sustainable and as energy-intensive as possible. It can be assumed that the topic of energy efficiency will continue to be discussed within and outside of GDA, and we would like to use our experience to help ensure that this topic in particular remains in focus.

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