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Drees & Sommer is your innovative partner for consulting, planning, construction and operation. The leading European consulting, planning and project management enterprise, Drees & Sommer has supported private and public clients and investors for over 50 years in all aspects of real estate and infrastructure – both analog and digital. The result is cost-effective and sustainable buildings, profitable real estate portfolios, people-oriented working environments, and visionary mobility concepts.

Data centers are what make our digital lives possible. The Internet is used as a matter of course every day. Due to the steady increase in digitization, the demand for data centers is far from being met; space and power requirements are enormous. As a result, the growth of the branch is at odds with the agreed energy-saving targets. My goal is therefore to make the construction and operation of data centers more sustainable.

Peter Junker | Associate Partner


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Peter Junker
Associate Partner


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