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WISAG Facility Service, part of the WISAG Group, the German Datacenter Association was able to gain one of Germany's leading facility service providers as a premium partner: The Frankfurt-based company primarily provides technical and infrastructural services for properties of all kinds - including the still young asset class "data centers".


The service portfolio includes Facility Management, Building Engineering, Commercial Cleaning, Security & Service, Catering, Garden & Landscaping Services, and Consulting & Management. Clients’ property management requirements vary by industry, so WISAG offers specialised solutions and service packages for sectors such as healthcare and social services, retail and logistics, hotels, housing and datacenter.

In the data center industry, we are concerned with a large number of complex issues: Space and energy requirements, energy prices, network expansion, ESG, etc. We can only face these challenges together, in a community of interests such as GDA - with intensive exchange, active cooperation, valuable expertise and concentrated industry know-how. This is not only of enormous importance to strengthen the industry, but also to be able to further advance digitalisation.

Stefan Gewehr | Managing Director / CEO


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Stefan Gewehr
Managing Director / CEO


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