Share your research projects and latest findings directly with an expert audience!

Ordinary Membership

Share your research projects and new knowledge directly with a professional audience as an ordinary member.


You also have the opportunity to take an active role in developing and discuess new standards and initiate projects in direct contacts with operators and providers.


Participate in national and international events related to the data centre industry and make your voice heard: Participate in dialogues with political decision-makers and help shape the legal and regulatory provisions!


Get in touch with protagonists from politics, research and industry and actively shape standards and norms with regard to the design of data centres or initiate innovative research projects around data centres with a strong network!

Benefit from GDA's publicity

Become part of a communication offensive to raise public awareness of the positive, socio-economic impact that data centre construction can have when everyone pulls together!

Become a member!

Shape the future of Germany's digital infrastructure with us and a strong network of partners!

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Membership fee regulation

The amount of the membership fee is determined by the global turnover of the member company.

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