AB Kälte- und Klimatechnik GmbH

With core expertise in air conditioning for private households as well as refrigeration and air conditioning technology in data centers, the food industry, commerce, and trade, AB Kälte- und Klimatechnik GmbH has established a reputation regionally and in the Frankfurt, Offenbach, and Rhein-Main area.

This reputation is upheld through a high level of expertise, quality execution of contracts, reliability, and the exceptional commitment of long-standing employees. The range of services offered by the specialist company includes detailed on-site consultation, individual needs-based planning, expert installation, and commissioning of air conditioning systems as well as refrigeration or air conditioning systems.

We have been serving customers from the data center industry for over 10 years, some of whom are global leaders. Consequently, we can draw upon vast expertise. We maintain a very close, harmonious, and partnership-oriented relationship with our clients, who are also members of the GDA – thus, membership has logically ensued. Based on past experiences, it has been observed that the standard is often flawed. We hope to counteract this with our expertise and look forward to contributing to the GDA.

Admir Babic | Managing Director


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Admir Babic
Managing Director




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