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Mainova WebHouse is a 100% subsidiary of Frankfurt-based Mainova AG, the number one infrastructure service provider in the Frankfurt area, supplying more than 1 million people with electricity, gas, water and heat.
Mainova Webhouse will build and rent out several colocation data centres in the Frankfurt area over the next few years. Mainova Webhouse sees itself as a provider of cost-efficient and environmentally friendly data centres and attaches great importance to building sustainable and efficient data centres. This means that modern sustainability concepts, such as waste heat recovery, are taken into account in the planning right from the start.

Data centres are increasingly perceived critically in Germany and especially in Frankfurt, the German capital of the internet. Data centres are the foundation of digitalisation and an engine of progress for the economy. Against this background, it is important to bundle the interests of data centre operators and to communicate the importance of data centres for digitalisation in Germany effectively and competently. With its experienced and competent members, GDA is particularly effective in conveying the positive side of data centres.

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