Energieversorgung Offenbach AG

As an energy supplier and waste disposal company, EVO aims to be a powerhouse and a source of inspiration - and not just for Offenbach and the region. EVO supplies private customers and companies with electricity as well as natural gas, water and heat. EVO disposes of waste and wastewater and provides numerous energy services.

EVO designs its energy supply to be innovative, environmentally friendly and climate-friendly. Since 2009, EVO has invested around 200 million euros in the expansion of renewable energies and in a decentralized and efficient energy supply. In the meantime, 45 wind turbines are turning in Hunsrück, Rheinhessen, northern Hesse and Vogelsberg to serve customers.

Almost 60 % of EVO's self-generated electricity comes from renewable resources. In the German electricity mix, this share is currently 44 %. Above all, this means clean energy for around 255,000 people.

Membership in GDA offers EVO a perfect opportunity to work with data center operators to drive sustainable solutions and support digital infrastructure in the region. EVO is already working on the use of heat recovery from data centers to offer CO2-free heat to its customers.

Donald Badoux | Division Manager - Waste Heat Technologies


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Donald Badoux
Division Manager - Waste Heat Technologies





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