Kraftwerke Mainz-Wiesbaden AG

KMW would like to use the existing synergies at its power plant location to set up an innovative and very environmentally friendly data center:

  • Direct access 110 kV level - very high availability
  • Power plant infrastructure is used as emergency power supply Systems - no diesel generators
  • Use of the Rhine water for cooling
  • Heat recovery and feeding into the district heating network of the city of Mainz

3 separate buildings are to be build, each with 18 MW of IT power. In each building there should be 8 data halls, each with 750m2 per data hall on 4 floors.

We would like to join a network where we can exchange technical challenges with others on an equal footing. Together we want to ensure that the political framework conditions ensure growth in the industry in Germany.

Markus Blüm | Project Manager Data Centre


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Markus Blüm
Project Manager Data Centre




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