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Energieeffizienzgesetz am 21. September vom Bundestag verabschiedet

Auflagen für ‚Klimaneutrale Rechenzentren‘ stellen die Branche vor große Herausforderung

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ZÜBLIN is new premium partner of GDA
| New members

With a premium partnership in the GDA, ZÜBLIN underlines the high importance of the data center industry for the construction company.

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Tag der offenen Rechenzentren (TdoRZ)

Eine greifbare Antwort auf die Frage "Wo wohnt eigentlich das Internet?!" wird die gleichnamige Aufklärungskampagne geben, die im Herbst ihren Höhepunkt mit einem Tag der offenen Tür in deutschen Rechenzentren feiert.

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Datacenter Outlook Germany 2022 / 23

As part of the first German Datacenter Conference (GDC), the German Datacenter Association published the Datacenter Outlook Germany 2022 / 23. Just like the many keynotes and discussions at the GDC, the publication outlines both the current status of Germany as a data center location - in terms of market growth, sustainability and trends - and provides an outlook on developments in the near future. Views from some of the experts who also had their say at GDC - on current and upcoming developments, technical trends and innovations - round off Datacenter Outlook Germany 2022 / 23.



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