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TTSP HWP becomes premium partner of GDA
| New members

TTSP HWP plans integrated data centers for its international clientele and oversees their implementation. The Frankfurt-based consulting firm has been actively involved in the professional work of the German Datacenter Association since its foundation.

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Norbert Lemken represents GDA in Berlin
| News

The German government's ambitious goals in the digitalization of the economy, education and public administration, as well as in climate policy, can only be achieved with a high-performance digital infrastructure. Germany has a lot of catching up to do in…

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Sind Rechenzentren energieintensiv – oder nicht?
| News

Aktuell werden im BMWK zwei Gesetzesentwürfe erarbeitet, die energiepolitische Rahmenbedingungen betreffen: Das Energieeffizienzgesetz (EnEfG) und das Gesetz zur Einführung einer Strompreisbremse. Die Wahrnehmung und Berücksichtigung der…

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Datacenter Outlook Germany 2022 / 23

As part of the first German Datacenter Conference (GDC), the German Datacenter Association published the Datacenter Outlook Germany 2022 / 23. Just like the many keynotes and discussions at the GDC, the publication outlines both the current status of Germany as a data center location - in terms of market growth, sustainability and trends - and provides an outlook on developments in the near future. Views from some of the experts who also had their say at GDC - on current and upcoming developments, technical trends and innovations - round off Datacenter Outlook Germany 2022 / 23.



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