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NTC: 28 years of high availability, uninterruptibility, and energy efficiency

With a vision in his pocket, a great deal of experience, and two motivated associates, the foundation stone of a success story was laid by founder Klaus Clasen on February 1, 1996: That of NTC – Notstromtechnik-Clasen GmbH.

Initially, the focus was on the delivery, maintenance, and installation of batteries, but with the rapid advancement of digitalization and the boom in data centers, Clasen realized the vision of a holistic emergency power supply from a single source.To date, this concept continues to be based on the conscious decision to act independently of suppliers; whether it is UPS and/or emergency power systems, single or multiple modules, 100kVA or 3600kVA: 96 experienced specialists in the headquarters in Ahrensburg, the Frankfurt branch, as well as at service points throughout Germany, now work on planning and integrating emergency power concepts – each of which is specifically adapted to the customer's needs in terms of size, performance, costs, and design.
More than 90 experienced specialists are now working at the Ahrensburg headquarters, in the Frankfurt branch and at service points throughout Germany. Since 2019 under the flag of Jörg Böhme, who took over the scepter as Managing Director of NTC. The success story continues with him - especially in the field of innovations. Jörg Böhme focuses in particular on the topic of "sustainability" in the energy sector, e.g. the implementation of exhaust gas measurements in accordance with the 44th BimSchV at NEAs and the increasing use of alternative fuels.

"I am very proud to be the managing director of such a well-positioned, independent company," says Jörg Böhme. "Top employees work daily on the vision of being able to offer our customers the best possible emergency power solution without any ifs or buts. I will continue this USP and am very grateful to be part of this team and the success story of NTC.”

Becoming a GDA partner was a very conscious decision, based on the know-how of the complexity of a highly available, uninterruptible power supply in the data center industry. I am convinced that our expertise as a system integrator for emergency power technology will be profitable for all other GDA partners as well. The market is growing rapidly, sustainibilty becomes even more important -  therefore it is relevant for all parties to work together closely with a common consensus. I look forward to playing an active and informative role here in the future.

Jörg Böhme | Managing Director NTC


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Jörg Böhme
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