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At the GERMAN DATACENTER ASSOCIATION, we promote the interests and special needs of data centre operators to policy makers, the media and society at large.

We represent our members – operators and owners of data centres of all sizes – on relevant committees on legislation, regulations, rules, standards and political issues. Our long-term aim is to improve the general conditions for data centre operation in Germany on a lasting basis.


Survey: COVID 19 & Data Centres

As life began to slow down due to the coronavirus, the physical economy declined. In contrast, digital business and digital tools for work and private...

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COVID-19-Pandemie macht es offensichtlich: Datacenter sind systemrelevant, sollten entsprechend anerkannt und gefördert werden

Securing Germany's digital sovereignty

Stable networks, powerful cloud solutions and a reliable digital infrastructure are currently making their mark as the backbone of economic and social...

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GDA begrüßt neues Mitglied: Wirtschaftsförderungsgesellschaft Nordfriesland

GDA welcomes new member Business Development Agency North Frisia

Sustainability in digitisation is indispensable - according to the latest plans of the EU, data centres should be climate-neutral by 2030. GDA's new...

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