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NOYA reinforces GDA network

Frankfurt-based architectural firm NOYA, the Association's newest partner, is a team of professionals and generalists who apply their extensive international experience - from site development and planning to project implementation - to residential and industrial construction.

NOYA specializes in providing its international clients and partners with holistic and sustainable planning and consulting services throughout the data center property lifecycle. In doing so, NOYA supports its clients and partners in the acquisition of real estate including the potential analysis of infrastructural and planning suitability tests, in the accompaniment of the transaction phase and also in the upstream due diligence processes and finally in the general planning of the buildings and clientaccompanying project management up to the final commissioning of the data centers.

"In addition to planning and architecture, we also offer professional support in all phases of development up to commissioning, so that the customer and partner can focus on their main business targets," explains Managing Director Serdal Güzel. "Our service profile is rounded off by an excellent industry network." Managing Director Bedrettin Altay adds: „At its core, NOYA brings together our long-standing expertise in real estate and the world of data centers." 

"Our network of partners offers excellent opportunities for collaborations across traditional industry boundaries," says GDA Chairwoman Anna Klaft. "Together, we are shaping the future of digital infrastructure. We are pleased to have NOYA, an experienced architecture firm in the data center hotspot Frankfurt am Main, as a partner.“

Bedrettin Altay also welcomes his company's inclusion in the German Datacenter Association: “The GDA is the most suitable platform for initiating current, innovative concepts of ideas and a multidisciplinary variety of services into a common concept for action. Furthermore, the GDA takes an active role in the corporate landscape by bringing together social and corporate responsibility.“

NOYA verstärkt Netzwerk der GDA